1. Scott Farrell, Director and Head Instructor at San Diego’s Swords of Chivalry historical fencing program, part of the Chivalry Today Educational Program. He is co-author of the books “Martial Arts and Philosophy,” and “Batman, Superman and Philosophy,” and his articles on the ideals of chivalry have appeared in print and online publications all over the world – including the New York Times and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Blog!

Nerd Knight – Medieval Sword Fighting and The Philosophy of Chivalry

In this presentation, Scott introduced the growing field of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), talked about what Game of Thrones gets right (a little bit) and wrong (a whole lot!) when it comes to scenes involving sword fighting, and explored how the ideals of chivalry can be discovered by attacking your friends with lethal weapons.

2. Although she occasionally wears heels to work, Cathy Chang has learned to embrace the lab coat, gloves, and mask that mark her as a Forensic Biology Criminalist at the Crime Lab. In addition to her duties in the Biology Unit, Cathy spends her free time at crime scenes, because, well, that’s also part of her job. With twelve years of experience at the Lab, there’s a lot yet left to learn. But Cathy’s happy to share what she knows, especially if beer is involved.

The County Crime Lab’s Contribution to the World of Nerdly Things

Is Forensic Science really performed in minutes by analysts who wear designer clothing under sexy blue lighting? This talk familiarized you with your County Crime Lab. You learned how things like lasers, lines, and right triangles help solve crimes. And we even solved the mystery of what that blue light really does.

3. The Battle of Cannabis and Science

Sam David is the founder of Coastal Analytical, a lab responsible for cannabis analysis. A chemist and materials scientist, Sam is a member of the International Association of Analytical Chemists, and is certified as a quality manager by the American Society for Quality.

Sam shared the hurdles laboratories face when working with schedule 1 substances, including the difficulty of procurement as well as the stigma using marijuana for medical treatment.
Confront your biases and indulge your curiosity.