WE’RE ON A HIATUS UNTIL THE END OF 2021! Look out for announcements about future shows soon!

Your monthly premiere of inebriated edutainment! The best & only regular science event in San Diego that makes you think while you drink! It’s a bit like TED Talks, but funnier, filthier and with booze!

Every first Tuesday each month at 7pm. Science presentations, trivia, fun games and networking! We meet online until it’s safe to return to our favorite boozy venue in San Diego.

The Bosses

Zed Sehyr

Neuronerd, hiking junkie, and a hopeless poet!

Read Zed’s science poetry selection here: https://www.zedsehyr.com/science-poetry

A stand-up comedian

Visit Robert’s funny page: https://www.roberttimothycomedy.com/