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This November we’re being treated to three real-life legit Cannabis scientists. That’s right – they canna-sci for a living and are bringing all that awesome straight to you!

“What’s Lurking In Weed: The Importance of Cannabis Testing”

Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be exactly as horrifying as you think.

Kyle Boyar is a cannabis scientist with a background in neurobiology, microbiology, and analytical chemistry who has been working in the industry for seven years. Kyle received his BS in Neuroscience from UCSC and worked as a Field Application Scientist for Medicinal Genomics and as a Laboratory Manager for SC Laboratories. Kyle currently serves as the Vice Chair and ElSohly Award Chair for the American Chemical Society’s Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision. He is also an active participant in AOAC’s Cannabis Analytical Sciences Program (CASP) as well as ASTM’s D37 Committee on Cannabis. Kyle’s current focuses in cannabis science relate to testing methodologies and product formulation. How will he be enlightening us that night? I’m just going to share the talk title and let your imaginations run wild until November.


 “Cannabis Extraction, Soil to Oil”

We’ll be covering all the basics of terpene and cannabinoid preservation, extraction methods/techniques, and the differences between the finished products and their uses.

Blake Grauerholz has been bringing scientific leadership experience and a passion for craft cannabis to the industry with over eight years of professional organic cannabis horticulture, crop protection, plant analytics, and extract manufacturing. In his current role at OutCo, Blake oversees multiple teams that are focused on the whole processing flow of cannabis production, from harvest and drying, through processing, extraction, all the way to formulation, packaging design, and quality control. Wow! In addition, he conducts R&D projects on new extraction methods and formulation of medical marijuana products.


“Formulation of Customized Cannabis Concentrates” (catchy title pending)

We’ll take a (figurative) walk through the vertical production pipeline, examining the many opportunities that exist for the producer to guide their crop towards its greatest utility in producing customized cannabis formulation. We’ll talk about cultivation, processing, extraction, formulation, and production. Questions encouraged!

Taylor Trah is the Formulation Manager for OutCo (San Diego) where he works to develop the vertically integrated medicinal product line for Outliers Collective. Following his undergraduate study of Behavioral Neuroscience at the USD, he went on to research substance use and brain development at the UCSD. This experience shaped his scientific approach to creating highly functional cannabis formulations. His OutCo customized cannabis formulations have won recognition at multiple Cannabis Cups, taking home top prizes for best tincture and best CBD product.

All this, plus trivia (and theme-appropriate prizes), beer, and your fellow nerds. That’s right. It’s gonna be lit. … Get it?

Tuesday, November 5 @6:30pm @32 North Brewing Co.


It’s Nerd Nite San Diego. Be there … and be square!

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