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This Tuesday, October 2 Nerd Nite San Diego brings you trivia, O Organics Food Truck, and double-feature-speakers!


That’s Not a Fucking Tourniquet … and You Probably Don’t Need One, Anyway

Nerd Nite AV guy Carlo Emami (who is hoping potential clients won’t find this profanity-laced presentation title when they google him) is a workplace emergency response instructor. He wrote his master’s thesis about occupational safety regulations (let’s be honest: it’s about people fucking dying at work), and is a credentialed emergency medical technician and wilderness first responder.

This talk will explore the strategies used by prehospital responders to help control life-threatening bleeding. We’ll discuss common misconceptions about bleeding control and all that bullshit in your first aid kit at home and the office. You might even learn a thing or two about how to not die.


“What do Special Relativity and beer haze have in common?”

A lot, if Anthony Neuberger has anything to say about it. And he does! Brewing beer, wine, mead, and cider is an art thousands of years old, cobbled together over hundreds of generations of trial and error. Modern science has given us insight into how to refine and improve traditional techniques by understanding the physics, chemistry, and biology that goes into converting carbohydrates into ethanol. Anthony will be covering how to use science to make better beer.

Anthony Neuberger has been brewing for 8 years, when he started in college to bring his beer budget under control.



The party starts at 6:30

We’ll see you Tuesday, October 2!

It’s Nerd Nite San Diego! Be there … and be square!


It’s Nerd Nite San Diego. Be there … and be square!

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