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Join us for our final event at 32 North! Enjoy their giant Jenga, corn hole, and pinball, then taste along as an expert explains the botanicals in your mouth.


The talks:
Botanicals: The Building Blocks of Good Beer

San Diego offers a wide selection of beers of varying tastes. In order to impart the desired flavors, brewers pay close attention to the plant-based inputs, called botanicals. The presentation will focus on local beers and their constituents, as well as the processes by which alcohols are given their flavors. Hops cones, grains, and two-row malt may even be provided for you nerds to see or taste!

Matthew Gates is a pest specialist by trade, consulting for agricultural and horticultural organizations regarding the safe and effective control of pests and pathogens in crops. Close work with plants, microbes, and arthropods gives him a multidisciplinary understanding of the natural world, relevant to the plants that are used in the brewing of alcohol.
“Are you left brained or right brained?” is a question common for job interviewers to speed-daters.

This concept, reinforced through layman psychologists and Pinterest infographics, helps us relate to our strengths and weaknesses on the skill spectrum: do you measure the world with analysis or do you feel the world through emotions?

But what if there wasn’t a disconnect? What if you were both left-brained and right brained? What if you oscillated between these two worlds at the same time?

John Zavocki is such a unicorn.

On May 1 John will discuss the similarities between painting and hacking, how a right-brained person, an artist, can approach programming … and how a left brained person, a hacker, can approach art making.

John Zavocki received his Masters in Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art when he was 24 – a couple years after he wrote a computer program to generate new Analytical Cubist paintings from an array of Picasso and Braque sources. Last year he was diagnosed with “atypical brain functioning” which, happily, has made sense of his binary existence. He currently is the Senior Designer/Developer for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s User Experience department.

On view will be an exhibition of his recent series of Motherboard paintings for discussion.
Formerly a neuroscience student, occasionally a science fiction writer, Max Wynne hasn’t had a permanent address for about three years. In lieu of a life-sentence writing grant proposals and peer reviews, Max set out to conduct an independent field study of one of the most backwards, misunderstood populations in recorded history: the United States. From border to border, coast to coast, Max has traveled the country, struggling to understand why we’ve designed our surroundings as we have, and whether we could do better.

Living Outside the Box: The Hidden Benefits of Homelessness

Chances are you live in an apartment, or maybe a house. Why did you choose to do that? Did you choose to do that? The modern idea of the home has been so effectively marketed, we rarely think of alternatives, but over half a million people in the US have already made the (often unplanned) transition to a home-free lifestyle. Could skipping out on rent give you a new lease on life? We’ll talk about what it’s like to live in public and whether homelessnesss might be the right fit for you.


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