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Join us for another fun night at 32 North! Enjoy their giant Jenga, corn hole, pinball, and a beer for every taste!


Kidney trafficking and nuclear disasters got you down? Come and have a laugh at what promises to be Nerd Nite San Diego’s most amusing event yet!

“Humor Me: The Science of Funny”

A multimedia stand-up comedy show that looks at the science behind the notion of funny. What is a sense of humor? Why do we laugh? How do we determine what is, or is not, comedy? Why are broadly nebulous questions so enticing in an event description?

Robert Timothy is a prehistoric archaeologist, stand-up comedian, and science podcaster. He performs live stand-up throughout the Western United States, and his Science-Comedy Podcast, Science Faction, has thousands of listeners around the world who tune in to hear a comedian, a scientist, and a scientist/comedian discuss the week’s published science articles with a lot of Blue Humor. Robert is currently designing a museum exhibit that explores the science behind the notion of “Funny” because those who cannot do, teach.


“Strangers are just friends you haven’t had a drink with yet: The Sociology of Dive Bars”

What is your vision of a Dive Bar? Most people envision a dark, dirty bar with surly patrons making questionable life choices while imbibing massive quantities of cut-rate booze in the middle of the day. Rarely does one think of a Dive Bar as fertile ground for anthropological study. But with their culture, customs, and rituals, Dive Bars are exactly that. After this talk, you’ll never look at a Dive Bar the same way again.

Ellen Goodwin is a Productivity Trainer by trade and a Dive Bar aficionado by choice. She received her BA in Sociology/Anthropology and Political Science from Gustavus Adolphus College … all of which prepared her for the wholly unscientific research she conducts at her Dive Bar of the Month meetings throughout San Diego.


“Weekend at Bernoulli’s: A Cheeseball Explanation of How Things Fly”

How does a plane produce enough lift to stay airborne? After 115 years of powered flight, why do so many experts still stumble over explaining it? What’s the dirt behind the alleged Bernoulli-Newton feud? This talk will explore all this in an enlightening hands-on talk.

Former Naval Aviator “Rossco” Davis is an Educator at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. His museum duties include instructing and administering a popular ground school for aspiring pilots, teaching STEM subjects and aviation history, and hurling things from the museum roof to see if they fly (usually, no).


All this alone with O Organics food truck, 32 North beers on tap, and trivia prizes galore! We’ll see you Tuesday, June 5th!

It’s Nerd Nite San Diego! Be there … and be square!


It’s Nerd Nite San Diego. Be there … and be square!

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