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Nerd Nite SD is hosting two local San Diego scientists:

Gideon Marcus “The Hell up There”

Sunday September 6, 2020 – 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

Before Sputnik, astronomers thought they knew what outer space would be like. But then the very first satellites were launched — and it was clear that something very strange was going on up there. Something that threatened to stop space travel right from the start…

Bio: It’s hard to distill Gideon Marcus to just a few words. A professional space historian, an award-winning science fiction author, and a sought after presenter, Gideon’s always got a thousand plates in the air. But, in brief, Gideon is probably best known as the founder of Galactic Journey a portal to 55 years ago that won the Serling Award in 2016 and has been nominated for the Hugo three times since then. He 2019, he edited Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963) a seminal anthology of some of the best works science fiction’s Silver Age. His Space Race novelette, Andy and Tina, was the lead story in 2018’s Sidewise Nominee, Tales from Alternate Earths 2, and his most recent work, Kitra, is a YA space adventure featuring themes of isolation, teamwork, and hope, featuring a queer protagonist of color. Gideon lives in San Diego County with his writer/editor wife, Janice, and their polymath artist daughter, Lorelei…along with two cats, a snake, and an immense library. He is currently hard at work on Sirena, the sequel to Kitra. It and Clairvoyages, a collection of his short stories, are due out next year.

Gideon’s Time Traveller website:

Francis FrenchThe First Spacefarers

Sunday September 13th, 2020 – 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT:

French worked with all four of the original “Right Stuff” Mercury astronauts who made orbital flights, when writing his bestselling books about the early days of the Space Race. In this talk, he’ll recount the stories of what these characters were like, and the dangerous missions they flew.

Bio: Francis French is a Space Historian and Science Educator known for his frequent television and documentary appearances, as well as his space history books.

More about Francis here:

Nerd Nite San Diego #44

October 6th, 7pm (PST) live on Zoom!

Are you ready to dismantle and redefine the image of “the scientist” with us? And how about some atmospheric particle chemistry to fuel questions about the air we breathe and viruses we transmit? Don’t miss out this October 6 at 7pm, Nerd Nite SD! Come drinking while thinking with us.

Jeanette McConnell

Inciting Revolution: down with “the scientist” 

Summary: I think we can all agree that the image of the disheveled old white man in a lab coat as “the scientist” has run its course. We’re done with that. We’re ready for Einstein’s famous pictures to be replaced with pictures of the incredible Katherine Johnson. It’s necessary and it’s time. Now, although this change is long overdue, it is not revolutionary. I’m here for revolution. I’m here to dismantle and completely redefine “the scientist”. I’m here to rock the boat and I’ve got some thoughts. Let’s have a chat.

Bio: Jeanette is a human, a daughter, a sister, a spouse, a goalkeeper and a cat guardian. She likes to ask too many questions and that led her into science. She’s a champion for fun STEM education because asking questions and investigating the universe should be joyful. She’s an advocate for our environment because as a human she feels responsible for taking care of this planet. Right now she works as the Director of Education, Outreach and Diversity at an NSF funded research center at UC San Diego and lives in an apartment in La Mesa with her spouse, two cats, and many plants.