heart nerds

Looking for your intellectual significant other? Tinder isn’t offering you a content-based approach? Nerd Nite speed dating is a rare and special event, like ball lightning!

Here’s the deal: $15 gets you a drink (or a bisciut sundae, if you take more after my own heart), and more three-minute dates than most of us have been on in our lives, all in one compact evening. If you’re the introverted type, don’t fret: I’ve made helpful and relevant slides to grease your conversations.

Suggestion: bring an item that relates to you (origami bow-tie; picture of your cat; favorite book; Luke Skywalker action figure; homemade treat.

This particular event will be hetero-normative (sorry), until other interests are expressed.

*** Tickets will be up soon; much like a Kickstarter submission, we need a certain amount of interest for this event to take place. If enough tickets for BOTH sexes do not sell, your tickets will be refunded. ***