April 2017 was Nerd Nite San Diego’s first event at 32 North Brewery in Miramar, and it was a crowd! Two food trucks – sausages and Belgian waffles – and plenty of excellent beer kept us going!

Our UX Prototyper Laura Nunnery wasn’t able to make it after accepting a job at Facebook, so our last-minute speaker-savior was Carlo Emami! Carlo has a Master’s in Public Policy and wrote his dissertation on workplace fatalities. He is an EMT and the owner of Safewest, where he teaches people how to not die at work.

Carlo’s talk was aptly titled “That Shit is Dangerous!” and it explored the fascinating and sometimes confounding world of hazard communication. Carlo showed us how to decode the mysterious world of hazcom! He’s also ridiculously good looking.

“How San Diego’s Genomics Industry is Changing the World (and your beer)” Genomics is the study of the genome, its functions and possible applications for healthcare, biotechnology and even social science. In this growing industry, San Diego is quickly becoming a world-wide hub for the technology behind the research, as well as its applications. We explored who the key players are within the industry, why this will affect you and your family (in a good way!), as well as how scientists are working on a way to make your beer even better!

Brian Steffy is a Senior Manager on the Professional Services team at Illumina, Inc., a San Diego-based tech company whose mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. He has been in the biotech industry for over 20 years, studying the genetics behind Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, and the process of wound healing. Brian also has a passion for education, volunteering to help create curriculum with local school districts.

“Mothers, Microbes, and Merriment: The Art and Science of Next-gen Kombucha!” This talk explored the art, science, and health benefits of this delightful fermented beverage that dates back to 220 B.C. and is currently experiencing an explosion in popularity. We investigated the details of fermentation, what microbes are involved and how each contributes to the community, and the secret of using low alcohol kombucha to create a delicious alcoholic beverage.

Maxi Richmond received her PhD from the University of Connecticut in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Her studies have focused on the diversity, systematics, and community ecology of a range of organisms including microbes, beetles, and flies. She recently started applying her expertise to kombucha as the Senior Research Scientist at Boochcraft, a purveyor of high alcohol kombucha in Chula Vista.