Storytelling in Meatspace: How I design Escape Rooms and Other Real-World Games

Games can be about a lot of things. They can be about measuring ourselves against one another, about exploring distant worlds, about coming to terms with what we must face daily, about struggle, about success. But at their heart, games are about two things: choices and stories. Truly excellent games force us to make choices, and from those choices arise compelling stories. So what happens when the choices you make in a game viscerally affect your real life? Find out as escape room designer and creator of The Puzzalarium Stevenson Streeper shares his experience in game theory … and straight up getting in people’s heads.


Inmates with Paints

When creative arts overlap the prison system: Tara Centybear, art teacher and curator at the San Diego History Center, shares her experience in the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. No, not as a tenant (as far as I know), but with Project PAINT, a local nonprofit art program in this San Diego prison. Learn the backstory of the arts in corrections landscape in California: a once thriving establishment of programs that inspired other states around the country.


Hunters of the Savage Garden

The San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society presents … exactly what you’re hoping for. Meat-eating plants of all shapes and sizes. Feed me, Seymour! Also, live plants!